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BONES: 4.06 – The Crank in the Shaft – Recap

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Last week on Bones, Zach came back for a brief guest appearance.  I was sad to not see him again this week, but my faith in the show was restored after last week.  This week was an alright episode, nothing seriously important, just an average episode.

So here’s what basically happens; A group of people walk into an elevator, it drops a few stories, and fixes itself.  When the elevator stopped, a woman’s leg fell out of the elevator’s ceiling, so off the team went to investigate.  It seemed there were several body parts completely smeared through the entire elevator shaft. NASTY!

Turns out the body belonged to an office worker, and was killed with a stapler!  Well, she had an anurism, and the blow to the head was a kill shot, much like David and Goliath.  Most the people she worked with had intent to kill, but all of them said they didn’t do it….shocker.  In fact it was really more of an accident than actual murder.  The real crime was pushing an elevator shaft open, and dumping a body…….ew.

That was basically what happened, now there was also an overal story line for you soap-opera lovers.  Angela and Hodgins are having that after break-up tension that everyone has to deal with now and then.  Angela goes around asking everyone for advice, Bones said since they are good friends she could fire Hodgins for her.  Lol, Bones, and her absolute lack of people skills.  Sweets wanted to have a ruitine schedule to talk about it in detail, but Angela really didn’t want to do that.

Again, for the sixth time in a row, there was a new replacement for my favorite character, Zach.  This one….I actually like a lot.  He is no Zach, but he, along with everyone else in the show has a very colorful character, and that’s one of the main things in the show I actually like.  Apparently this guy is suicidal, and hates his own life, for no apparent reason, I guess, but he is incredibly smart.  He also has nice comebacks. See the title quote.

Not the best episode in the world, just average.  See you guys next week, peace out!

Download Bones: The Crank in the Shaft for Free


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