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Bones – Baby for Bones and Booth?

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Yes, the much-discussed sex scene between Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) is going to happen in the Bones season-four finale. No, it is not a hallucination. And yes, oh yes, it could lead to something even bigger for the couple.

We just chatted up Bones bosses Hart Hanson and Stephen Nathan, and as S.N. jokes, “We did some research and found out that sex is very closely related to having children. We were shocked ourselves.”

So what does the sex mean for our fave twosome, and which beloved character is returning for the season finale? Here’s what we know:

You longtime fans will be delighted to know that the writer-producers of Bones are taking this step forward seriously. As Hart says, “I think the audience will be very satisfied with the sex scene, and [the way] that it sets up the next season and the way things unfold between [Bones and Booth].”

So why the change of Hart after years of putting the kibosh on B&B? He tells us, “The fact is, when we started Bones, we knew that we would never have to face the day of reckoning of when to have Booth and Brennan consummate their affair, because no show ever goes that long. And now here we are. We have to pay the piper. I think it was about six months ago that Stephen and I just quietly between the two of us started talking about how we were going to contend with that huge, hanging sword of Damocles issue of their sex life.”

And for the record, the baby issue is key to the decision, at least on Brennan’s side. Stephen explains, “It started with the idea of Brennan—who has been so adamant about not wanting a child for so long—finally realizing that it might be good for her to have a progeny to have someone as brilliant as she in the world when she leaves. So she is thinking about having a child, and she realizes that Booth is genetically an excellent match for her.” (Hell yes he is.)

Another hint that this knot of storylines leads to a wee B&B Jr.? When asked about future appearances by Booth’s beloved son Parker, Hart says, “Yes, we will see Parker. Of course, Booth’s family life, including his son, fit into our consequences coming up in season five.” (Tell us we’re wrong about this babies thing!)

As for the actual sex, they haven’t shot the scene yet, but we have solemn promises that it is not the product of Booth’s currently fevered imagination.

In other Bones news:

* If the script and deal work out, says Hart, “Zack’s (Eric Millegan) in the season finale.”
* Angela (Michaela Conlin) and Jack (T.J. Thyne) are still in love limbo. Says Hart, “Our plans don’t include any fast resolutions to their relationship.”
* Those of us who don’t love Bones’ new Thursday time slot might have to suck it up. Says Stephen, “The network is very happy with us on Thursday night. From their point of view, we’re doing very, very well.” [Grumble: OKThursdaysfine…)

Last but not least, if you will permit us a geeky, inside-baseball digression: According to his bosses, David Boreanaz kicked ass at directing tonight’s all-new episode of Bones. When we asked about it, they waxed positively rhapsodic:

Stephen Nathan: With no, no blowing of smoke, he is a wonderful director. Wonderful.
Hart Hanson: I have already hurt his feelings by going up and telling him at how shocked I was at how very good a director he was. You hope that when an actor directs that, when the ep comes in, it’s a competent show. He did not just a competent job, he did an artistic show. I would recommend him to people for pilots. The guy is a director. Stephen and I tip our hats to him.
S.N.: He was incredibly prepared, very thoughtful. It was really so impressive to see. He had so much to juggle—he had a large role in the show—and he just pulled off every aspect of it…I was thrilled. Thrilled when I saw the show. It was our kid at a piano recital, and he hit all the right notes.

Awww, can you feel the love?

Are you loving Bones this season? What are your thoughts on the Booth-Bones sexy times? Post in the comments!

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