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Bones – David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel talk about Season Finale

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DAVID BOREANAZ – “FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth”

Re: Mötley Crüe appearing on BONES…
“It’s pretty wild. Any time you have like a major sound stage and you have a great rock and roll band come in and play it, I remember seeing the Eagles at Warner Bros. and they played live there in, I think it was like ’93 or ’94. There’s just a surreal component to it when it all comes together and you’ve got four cameras rolling, it’s amazing to see how it all comes together. It couldn’t be better. I mean I think that the fit’s nice. Motley Crue is, you know, “Doctor Feelgood,” those types of songs, what’s going on with the theme of this episode, so it has a lot going on for it and I think the band fits the show perfectly.

Re: What fans can expect from the finale.
“It’s definitely something that’s going to be unique. I mean obviously the characters will get together, but the way it’s done, it’s going to be a lot different than your kind of normal get-in-the bed and do it kind of thing. There’s a whole theme going on here. Motley Crue is in the episode. I think all the characters play on different types of roles and personalities and it’s really a giving back to the audience that’s followed us, and we’ll say, “Oh my god, a character’s doing this or that character’s doing this,” and mainly, these two characters will get together and do the deed.”

Re: Acting with FAMILY GUY’s “Stewie” appears on the Bones Finale
“I got to act with an animated little cartoon guy, so they shot, we shot pretty much all the stuff with a – there was nothing there when I worked with them and they shipped it over to Korea, I think, and they do all the animation, but it’s Booth basically going to the sperm bank to donate sperm to give to her and that unravels and it becomes a bit crazy for him because he’s seeing things, which leads into the season finale of this and he’s got to have an operation.”

EMILY DESCHANEL – “Dr. Temperance Brennan”

Re: The guest stars in the finale
“It’s unlike any episode we’ve ever done before. Number one, Motley Crue is on the show playing in the lab, which is pretty crazy and awesome, and we’ve got so many people who have been on the show before who are coming back. We’ve got all the squints that rotate. Zack is back, so a lot of the fan favorites, all the people have come together and it’s really exciting, I think for anyone who watches the show and likes certain characters, pretty much everyone is in this episode.”

Re: Why Mötley Crüe is on BONES
“We have to have Motley Crue play somewhere, so we decide to change over the whole lab into a night club. It’s kind of a ‘if we build it, they will come situation.'”

Re Tommy Lee’s drumming…”Rock n Roll” Booth & Brennan
“Tommy Lee started playing the drums and that was pretty cool, playing the drums on the set of Bones.”

Re: Fans seeing Booth & Brennan together
“I think that when Booth and Brennan get together, it will happen in a very surprising and strange way, but it is still very much Bones. It’s humorous. As you would imagine, Booth and Brennan getting together could be – it’s romantic, it’s sweet, it’s tender, it’s passionate”.

Re: Fans seeing Booth & Brennan together …
“I think it’s important to, you know, have a big moment like that, that everyone’s been waiting for, to have all of the qualities that we think of as Bones, and I think it lives up to that and it won’t happen when you think it’s going to happen either.”

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