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Bones – Emily Deschanel on Booth-Brennan sex

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Emily Deschanel admits she finds all the hype surrounding Booth and Brennan’s hookup on Bones next Thursday a little mystifying. “It’s only a few minutes on camera,” she says, “so it feels weird to talk about it so much.” I couldn’t agree more. And to prove it, I’m not going to ask Deschanel… wait a second, did she say a few minutes?! Let’s dish, sister friend!

A lot has been made about what affect the sex will have on Booth and Brennan, but I’m curious what the whole experience has been like for you and David.
It probably strengthened our friendship, even though this kind of thing can probably ruin a friendship. Honestly, he was such a sweet guy. He was more supportive and concerned for me before we started filming than I would be. He had meetings about it. He’s like, “I don’t want anyone around.” He practically kicked out everyone — even the people who had to be there filming! And it’s a fairly tame scene. He was so protective of me; it was very sweet, actually. He wanted to make sure I felt comfortable. Of course, he also made jokes.

It must have been awkward.
It was awkward, but we were prepared for it. I laughed really hard during our kissing scene last season; it’s just really weird to kiss your co-star. I laughed this time in rehearsal, but I was really proud of myself for not laughing when we actually shot it. And honestly, it is a job. There were technical things we had to worry about.

How drastically will the sex alter the Booth-Brennan relationship?
It definitely changes the dynamic between the characters. But it’s done in a very clever way. [Series creator] Hart Hanson wrote the episode in a way that gets these two characters together — which a lot of the audience was waiting for — but doesn’t dissipate the sexual tension between them and, therefore, ruin the show.

Can you say whether Booth’s medical issues are a factor?
Let’s just say there’s definitely a twist. It’s not a dream, but there are twists. And there are [other] twists at the end of the episode that will be shocking as well.

Does the finale end with a cliffhanger?
A little bit, yeah. It’s not a matter of life or death, but it’s kind of huge. There’s a cliffhanger and it has to do with Booth and Brennan relationship. It puts their relationship in jeopardy.

Is anyone leaving the show?
Not anyone that people love.

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