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Bones – Emily Deschanel on the Finale and Next Season

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Re: Motley Crue guest-starring in the season finale
“Motley Crue man, yeah. My, my 15-year-old male self was freaking out. Was, was very jealous of me. I don’t know, I don’t know what that means but I did feel like I should be a 15-year-old boy or something. Yeah it was pretty crazy to have Motley Crew on set. Very different, very different. I would never dreamed that I would have Motley Crue on the set of Bones, in my wildest dreams, so pretty crazy. Or Stewie from The Family Guy that’s almost more crazy.”

Re: The season finale is not your usual “Bones” episode
“Yes, very different. I’m not allowed to talk about it that much. I mean I, I can only reveal certain things but yeah you definitely see different sides of Booth and Brennan and all of the characters really. It’s a great episode that brings back a lot of characters that people have seen and really like from past episodes and brings them all together. But there’s, you know, kind of unique situations so it brings out different sides of people. And you know lots of twists and turns, and Motley Crue’s in there and, it’s almost like a film noir kind of episode.”

Re: Booth and Brennan finally getting into bed together
“Well, I mean you know in the final episode Booth and Brennan are in bed together and we shot that already, but I think it will happen in a way that will surprise people and at the same time will be very much Booth and Brennan. You know there’s humor, there’s passion, there’s, there’s romance but you know it’s very much in the vein of our show and the characters’ relationship. And so, it’s pretty different. And I think that it’s done in a way that doesn’t, you know, totally ruin the sexual tension for future episodes. It will definitely make things more interesting and add a whole new element to our relationship in the future but it’s not done in a way that dissipates our sexual tension. And so that’s a, you know that’s what I was concerned about and I think everybody was concerned. So I think it’s successful in that way”.

Re: how the season finale will affect things going into next season
“I’ve heard many little things about Season 5. You know they’re just beginning to write that now so you know I know less than what they know and they don’t know very much. So I know kind of because it ends with a kind of cliffhangerish thing. I know a little bit what happens after that but it’s hard for me to talk about it without people having seen the episode. But definitely Booth and Brennan will have a new dynamic the beginning of Season 5. As you would imagine since we end up, we’re in bed together in the end of Season 4 but it will, we will have a whole new dynamic the beginning of Season 5. Our relationship will change”

Re: will we continue to see the post-Zack intern rotation next season?
“Yeah, I believe so. I think we’re going to continue that for a little while. You know at a certain point we might need to make a decision but for now, we are, I think everyone’s enjoying having these different characters coming through and the, the different elements that they bring to each episode. And it’s great, all of the different Zack replacements, if you want to call them, squints, squints, rotating squints, they’re all in the – or not all but a lot of them are in the finale along with Zack and so that’s fun to have all of them together.”

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