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Bones – Michaela Conlin interview

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So Hodgins and Angela are now happily married…
Michaela Conlin: They’re married. [Laughs] And I hear the honeymoon is over. I don’t know what else I can say.

Tell me everything!
MC: [Laughs] There’s going to be some exciting stuff from them this season, definitely.

Might it involve an addition to the family for Hodgins and Angela? [Editor’s note: This interview took place before FOX released a major spoiler in a recent promo]
MC: I will say, it’s not what you think.

How did the duo fare while they were away? Were they missing work?
MC: Oh, I think they were just thrilled to be in Paris. I think they’re dragging their heels to come back a little bit. But I think the [break] did them well. I think we’re going to see a lot of stuff and hopefully a little bit of what happened in Paris will come out this season as well. And I think Angela is dealing with Booth having met somebody else. So as [Brennan’s] best friend, I feel she definitely is going to be called in for some recon.

Will Angela and the rest of the Jeffersonian crew accept Booth’s gf, Hannah?
MC: We’ve talked about her at length. I actually know Katheryn [Winnick (Hannah)] in [real] life, which is funny. I think she’s going to be more well-received than people think. I think she is going to be surprising.

How about the Angela and Brennan friendship? Will we see the BFFs talk about the changes in Booth and Brennan’s relationship on screen? We didn’t see much of that last year…
MC: Not [last season], but they are coming. Angela feels like Brennan needs to [talk]…you gotta admit this is really bothering you! You know what I mean? Come on. I think [Angela]’s dragging it out of her. Which in many ways is what I like about Angela so much, we get to see her reveal this other side of Brennan which she doesn’t always want to reveal, obviously.

Yeah, absolutely. And Angela certainly is a force to be reckoned with. Will her time in Paris have her reverting back to some of her more whimsical tendencies?
MC: You know, even in really subtle things like her wardrobe, there’s a little bit of a shift in the beginning of the season, a French influence and stuff. I feel like [with] Angela, the great thing is she’s still as sexually open and bold as she ever was. I think the [wedding] ring to her means that she’s now monogamous, but it doesn’t really mean she’s any less wild.

So she still may resort to flashing someone to get information?
MC: I hope so! [Laughs] I’m sure she will be. She uses her wiles, that Angela.

And how are things with her ex, Wendell?
MC: Wendell is still around…he’s in the first episode — the season opener — and it’s a very platonic banter. I don’t think Angela would ever do anything to cross a line there, but she still finds him hot. She still finds him attractive.

Who wouldn’t?
MC: It’s true. I know, I feel like he’s my little brother, Michael Grant Terry (Wendell). But he’s such a sweetheart.

There won’t be awkwardness now that she went back to Hodgins after the Angela-Wendell breakup?
MC: No, it’s not so awkward. I should say it’s not awkward for [Wendell] and I. It might awkward for Hodgins and Wendell.

As long as you stay out of the awkwardness, I’m sure the boys can duke it out appropriately. Now, how about the Gravedigger? I’m hearing she’ll be revisited this season?
MC: I don’t know anything about that episode. I just know someone is leaving. And I hope it’s not me! [Laughs]

Well, BONES creator Hart Hanson just promised at Comic-Con that Angela and Hodgins were going to stay together, so it would seem you are safe.
MC: I think they are. I have to read everybody else’s stuff to find out [what they say at Comic-Con].

Why don’t they have you at Comic-Con? I think you should be there.
MC: You know what? Thank you! I completely agree. Keep asking Hart, maybe I’ll get to go again.


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