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Bones Season 5 Episode 7 “The Dwarf in the Dirt” Casting News

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[GIDGET JONES] Female, 20s to 40s, little person, a cougar, bejeweled, flashy, unintimidatable, ANY ETHNICITYS. GIDGET is a fierce little person and like the Vince McMahon of the Midget Wrestling circuit. She explains to Booth and Brennan that she and murdered Midget Wrestling star, Bryce DaFonte – aka The Iron Leprechaun – had had an affair, but that she’d ended it because it got boring. GIDGET admits that Bryce was suing her for an even bigger cut of the gate and says she didn’t believe it was a revenge thing on Bryce’s side, that it was strictly business and she wasn’t upset. When the gun found with Bryce’s remains is identified as GIDGET’S, she says she gave it to him because she thought it would help him with his scheme to make fast money. She also admits that he actually was the one that broke up with her for another woman. … GUEST STAR.

[TODD MOORE] Male, 20s to 30s, little person, athletic, wrestler a plus but not necessary, ANY ETHNICITY. TODD is a wrestler for the Midget Wrestling League who has stepped into the very popular character of The Iron Leprechaun after its originator – Bryce DaFonte – disappeared. HE explains to Agent Booth that GIDGET JONES, the head of the Midget Wrestling League, may be someone who could have benefitted from Bryce’s death because she had to pay him a piece of admissions prices. TODD also informs Booth that Bryce and GIDGET used to be an item and it did not end well sptv050769… GUEST STAR.

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