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Bones: Season 5 Premiere Preview

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The wait is finally over, Bones fans! The FOX procedural returns tonight for its highly anticipated fifth season, picking up six weeks after Booth and Brennan last saw each other. While Booth has been recovering from brain surgery, Brennan has been on a dig in Guatemala. Will it be a happy reunion? We find out tonight in the episode called “Harbingers in the Fountain.”

Bones fans who have been diligently following all the news and updates for the fifth season are well aware that things won’t go back to the way things were —at least not easily and not anytime soon. Booth and Brennan are struggling with an emotional fallout resulting from the change in their relationship, consequently putting Brennan’s baby plans on hold. However, that won’t stop the dynamic duo from going back to work.

Their new case involves an unmarked grave, which is revealed by Angela’s psychic, Avalon Harmonia (Cyndi Lauper), while reading Angela’s tarot cards. Evidently, there are multiple bodies buried under a Washington, DC fountain. But when Angela shares the information with Brennan and Booth, they’re both a little skeptical considering the source. The lead checks out, though, and Booth and Brennan eventually find the remains of 11 bodies exactly where the psychic said they would be. Something tells me that Avalon immediately becomes a suspect though that remains to be seen as Cyndi Lauper’s storyline will be left open for a possible return.

Meanwhile, Sweets has declared Booth mentally fit to return to duty after his brain surgery though Booth is still experiencing some side effects from the coma.

Are you excited about Cyndi Lauper? Or are you just glad that Bones is back on TV?

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