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Bones Season 6 Episode 8 – The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck – Recap

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Here’s the plan: my house is currently packed up in boxes as we get ready for a move to Colorado in a few days. Needless to say, time is limited to espouse on Temperance’s new hair style or Booth’s interest in thin ties. So, to keep it fairly short, I’m going to throw out a few topics on this week’s episode of Bones that you can discuss in the comments. In addition, if you have topics you want to discuss, please do so. Just keep it on topic and avoid the nastiness and flaming.

Don’t worry, we’ll return to the normal ‘Bones’ review next week. (Just as long as I can find my computer.)

1. The Sweets and Daisy Show: Forget Bones and Booth or Booth and Hannah — Sweets and Daisy are now the power couple on ‘Bones!’ It’s almost like the producers are preparing them for more exposure on the show, what with Daisy’s new unsupervised-FBI status at the lab and Lance’s more prominent role as an interrogator. In fact, Sweets had more time in the interrogation room in this episode then Booth did and he was just as good or even better job at getting to the truth of everything.

There are probably fans of the show who are decrying the use of the doctor and the Squintern as similar to the increased use of Agnes Dipesto and Bert Viola on ‘Moonlighting‘ when the David-Addy romance began to fizzle out. This would not be the case, however. The solo Bert and Agnes episodes were downright dull. Sweets and Daisy could probably carry an episode and still make it interesting.

2. Hannah and Booth: Time to end this relationship now! We all know it’s doomed anyway from Seeley’s reaction to Sweet’s questions about Hannah meeting Parker. Whenever someone emphatically says ‘You don’t think we’re serious? We ARE serious!’ that’s a definite sign that even the person who said it has his doubts.

Even Parker isn’t positive about his father’s relationship . Sure, Hannah took him to the zoo and for some ice cream, but he has yet to say she’s cool. On the other hand, he definitely thinks Temperance is ultra-cool because she knows what type of animal farts the most. When your son is just okay with the person you are sleeping with that’s a problem.

In addition to all of this, the Hannah-Booth relationship is really starting to hit Temperance hard. There were some signs throughout the season that Bones was uncomfortable about the whole thing. Now that Hannah has met Parker and the relationship is moving into a new stage, she’s coming to the realization that she made a grave mistake pushing Seeley away last season. The decision now is to either let Booth go or try to get him back.

3. This Week’s Mystery: Another typical procedural mystery that had a bit of a twist to it. At first, who killed the motorcycle repairman was unknown. Until we found out that his wife was being extorted out of money by one of her students who discovered her and a student in an uncompromising position . Then it all came together — it was the girlfriend of the boy who was having the illicit affair. Unfortunately, that realization came about 30 minutes before the show ended, which meant we had to slog through the rest of the interrogations.

4. Angela — Though she was barely in this week’s show, Angela gets a mention because of her use of a 16th century scientist’s theory of applying numerical equations to the human skeleton. We all knew she was smart, but this was Temperance smart!

That’s it. Please discuss these topics amongst yourselves.

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