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Bones season 7 episodes coming with a new villain

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Bones Season 7 premiere episode will be aired on 3rd November this year and that is too far off to wait for. But I guess all the fans like me can wait for it and gather all updates of upcoming Bones Season 7 episodes.

The most recent news that is coming from the creators is that this upcoming Bones Season 7 will have a new bad villain added to the series. You must be thinking that this is not an exciting news as earlier also we had villains like Gravedigger and Broadsky. But this one will be different as this villain will be a 21st century villain and will be a tech savvy foe.

This sounds really interesting and exciting. Now the question arises who this villain will be and which star will be enacting this role. This is not known till now the only thing we know is that Bones Season 7 will have six episodes in which the villain will appearing in the end and his part will not only cover season 7 but will be continued in Bones season 8 also.

So look out for the all new episodes of Bones Season 7 not only for the villain but also to watch the story arc related to Brennan and Booth’s baby. As we will see how their relation will shape as they become parents. To catch the excitement watch “Bones” online.