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Bones Season Finale Tease: Booth and Brennan in Bed?

   Posted by: admin   in Bones News

Stop us if you’ve heard this before: Booth and Brennan will have sex to conclude this season of Bones.

Viewers were excited when this development was strongly hinted at least year, only to grow enraged when the deed merely took place in Booth’s tumor-laden brain.

But producer Stephen Nathan told
Michael Ausiello that he has something “big” in mind for this season’s finale – and it sure sounds like actual sex between the crime-solving parters. Try to read between the lines yourself:

The season finale is taking shape now and it’s going to be quite a surprise… We’ve had this in our minds for quite a while, and it’s gelling now. It’s going to be a pretty big episode for us in terms of what happens to Booth and Brennan… It’s real.

Nathan concluded the interview by saying the episode will be huge in “emotional terms.” If that doesn’t scream BOOTH AND BONES IN BED! we don’t know what does.

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