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‘Bones’ Season Four Spoilers; ‘Chuck’ Preview

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Occasionally one of the compelling lead actors of a show grabs attention both in character and out of it. David Boreanaz is one of those actors. Famous for starring in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel,” the playful prankster now stars aside Emily Deschanel in the crime dramedy “Bones.”

During the “Bones” panel at Comic Con on Friday, July 25, Boreanaz brought a bright energy and excitement to the crowd when they would usually be winding down after a long day. The panel consisted of Boreanaz, creator Hart Hanson, and actors Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor, and John Francis Daley. The hour began at least twenty minutes of footage from a season four episode. It showcased a new annoying assistant for Dr. Brennan (Deschanel), more jealousy/flirting on the part of Booth (Boreanaz) and Brennan, and a gruesome Port-o-potty accident. Be careful for below are spoilers for the upcoming season!


It looks like there is plenty of romantic drama in the works for the hardworking squints, as Angela (Conlin) will apparently be reunited with an ex-girlfriend, her husband will be found, and Cam (Taylor) is hooking up with one of Angela’s exes. Could it possibly be Hodgins (TJ Thyme)? What does this mean for Hodgins and Angela? Uh oh! Hanson did directly reveal that before the end of the season, Booth and Brennan will be in bed together naked. Shippers from all over the fan world rejoiced as one! Sweets (Daly) may also gain a romantic interest, but it seems more of his attention will be on gaining a sure place in the gang and earning their trust.

Hanson discussed briefly the falling out with the fans over the tragic end of last season and Zack’s position in it. The show did suffer due to the writer’s strike, and half of the season’s initial plans had to be rearranged. Originally the betrayal of Zack was drawn out more believably, and Hanson seemed genuinely grieved that it could not work as well as they’d hoped. There was a question regarding why the restaurants changed in the show – from a special Chinese restaurant to a regular diner – and it was all about physical logistics of where to shoot.

Overall Boreanaz charmed and dominated with his zingers, such as when an audience member asked about the biggest pet peeves the cast had with one another. He teased his friends on the stage, and in reference to Angela and her girlfriend, quipped that “Booth’s gotta get in on that.” It is good to see that “Bones” is still going strong, and whether or not the consummation of Booth and Brennan’s relationship will curse it or strengthen it, the fans will just have to watch and see.

Another comedy-action show starring an alumnus of Joss Whedon’s world is “Chuck,” now about to enter its second season. This panel included all of the major actors and the show leaders: Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak, Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski, Adam Baldwin, Sarah Lancaster, Ryan McPartlin and Joshua Gomez. The show is about Chuck (Levi), who downloads a file from his former college roommate and ends up with all the most important government secrets and files transmitted onto his brain. The FBI and CIA give him two agents – Sarah (Strahovski) and Casey (Baldwin) – to protect him. The cast fills out with Chuck’s best friend Morgan (Gomez), sister Ellie (Lancaster), and her awesome boyfriend Captain Awesome (McPartlin.)


A trailer for next season showed that there will be more romance this year as well, and the relationship between Chuck and Sarah will change. They are seen to kiss several times and even go out on a real date. Ellie and Awesome are heading toward the wedding date, and the audience will get to meet Awesome’s family (yay!). Casey also gets the kill order for Chuck…has the lovable geek finally gotten under his skin, or will he do his duty without regret? Guest stars Tony Hale and Melinda Clarke will lighten up the show, and yes, Nicole Richie fights Sarah and kicks some spy booty.

The creators revealed that the second season will involve more of “Chuck” mythology and why exactly he was given the information. Bryce will be returning, and Chuck may go back to college or his lack of degree will be addressed. The cast members impersonated one another, with Levi doing an obnoxious Australian accent and Gomaz impersonating Captain Awesome. Baldwin got the most attention and screams in the room, probably because he inspires the cult fandom from “Firefly,” and Levi joked that even if they all left the stage, everyone would stay for Baldwin. This was completely true.

The show will return on September 29 on NBC, and the panel encouraged the fans to get the word out. Apparently it too has suffered due to the writer’s strike and was cut short, which could be potentially fatal for a brand new show. Then again, “Chuck” had a great deal of hype and popularity, appealing to a wide variety of audiences and tastes, so it stands to reason the show will thrive. The choice is up to you, loving television viewers, support the Geek Squad!

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