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Bones – The Girl in The Mask

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[SERGEANT KEN NAKAMURA] Male, mid-30s, handsome, MUST BE JAPANESE. He is the grieving older brother of murdered 21-year old Sachi Nakamura. He is very intelligent and was fiercely protective of Sachi, whom he’d raised since their parents died 15 years ago. NAKAMURA flies in from Japan to aid Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan in the investigation of his sister’s murder. He and Booth became friends during an exchange program they both attended on managing organized crime. Anxious to help, NAKAMURA lets his grief get in the way of his investigatory instincts so Booth forces him to sit on the sidelines back at the Jeffersonian… GUEST STAR.

[DR. ASA TANAKA] Male, mid-20s, ambiguous, androgynous, oddly attractive, MUST BE JAPANESE. DR. TANAKA is Japan’s equivalent to Dr. Brennan. Brilliant and acutely scientific, he has flown in from Japan to aid SERGEANT KEN NAKAMURA in the investigation of Sachi Nakamura’s murder. While he’s found by Dr. Brennan to be extremely helpful in the lab, the rest of her staff can’t stop trying to figure out if DR. TANAKA is a he or she.sptv050769.. GUEST STAR.

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