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Bones Season 6 Episode 1 The Mastodon in the Room – Recap

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has always been an emotional show. Not in the sense that you well up during every serious character interaction. More like you gag and turn your head when you watch giant water beetles crawling out of a bathtub full of liquefied human. Still, the show has a moment or two every few weeks that tugs at your heartstrings.

The season premiere had many of those moments. In fact, there were probably more lump-in-your-throat, tingling-at-your-eyes moments during this episode than there have been in any one season.

The first one took place at Bones and Booth’s reunion at the Reflecting Pool. With no interaction for seven months while Dr. Brennan was in Indonesia and Booth was in Afghanistan, their reunion was poignant. Not because of all of the sexual tension there’s been between these two, but because they are two parts of a whole. They complete each other both intellectually and emotionally, and it wouldn’t be the same if they moved on their separate ways.

Even if that means they put romance on the back burner for a while. I know many will be upset that Booth has moved on to a new relationship that is, as he put it, as serious as a heart attack. However, it may be time to tamp down the bubbling sexual moments between Booth and Bones and return the show to what it has done best in the past. Especially since so much has changed since last season.

Which brings us to the next emotional moment: Angela’s revelation that she’s pregnant. Not too sure why this one caused a throat-lump moment. We’ve seen plenty of shows where a character announces they’re pregnant and all we’ve done is respond with a shrug. It could be due to the fact that we love Angela and Hodgins being together more than we love Boot and Bones pairing up.

These two have always had a connection from the earliest episodes and it was a fine day last season when they decided to tie the knot. Now they’re going to be parents and great ones at that, with Angela providing the more cultural side to the child’s growth while Hodgins will let the kid play with mud and insects. There have been rumors that a new baddie is going to appear later this season and cause possible harm to one of the team. Hopefully, they aren’t talking about Angela’s unborn child. If so, a Facebook flash mob may come knocking on creator Hart Hanson’s door sometime in the near future.

The final emotional moment came at the very end of the episode when Cam reopened the Jeffersonian lab. It was just Bones and Booth, staring into the space that was once their lab and is now a storage room or exhibit hall, and absorbing it all in. All they did was simply welcome each other back, but it was the way they said it and the smiles on their faces that made us feel that everything was going to be all right and that the events that led up to everyone leaving at the end of last season were going to be put aside.

You may be wondering why we’re recapping these moments rather than the other stuff, like the week’s mystery or Cam’s potential job loss. Well, strip away the decaying skin and maggots and ‘Bones’ is basically a romantic dramedy. To many fans of the show, the interpersonal relationships between the characters are more important than the latest dead body. That part is just the gravy. The real meat is whether or not Bones and Booth will be the next Huddy. Hence, the reason for so much relationship talk.

That doesn’t mean nothing else happened. Fact of the matter is, this episode of ‘Bones’ was pretty busy once you got past the flimsy excuse that everyone needed to come back because Cam was about to lose her job. That was the part of the episode that wasn’t truly thought out by the writers. Once we got past that, things began to smooth out.

That’s also when we learned a few things. One being that the Squints all look strange in white lab coats. For years we’ve adjusted to Bones and her team wearing baby blue lab coats while doing their work at the Jeffersonian. The white coats, as well as Cam’s federal forensic office, were jarringly different than the ultra-modern and roomy Jeffersonian lab.

The other is that Daisy and Wendell may be major players this season. According to those who stayed in contact with each other, most of the Squinterns had gone on to different things, like a new college major, a job in a different city or, in the case of Vincent Nigel-Murray, a trip around the world. This is a good thing since Daisy and Wendell were on the show more and more last season. It made sense to thin out the Squintern herd and focus on those who make more of an impact.

The third thing we learned is Sweets looks very strange with facial hair. It could be it makes him look older and, after years of being considered too young for his position, it gives him a sense of maturity. Or it could be his way of changing himself inside and out after Daisy ripped his heart out and ate it prior to going to Indonesia.

For folks who’ve said that ‘Bones’ has lost its way over the last few years, perhaps this premiere episode is a sign that they’ll be returning to old-fashioned detective work with some comedy and romance thrown in. We’ll have to see what the next few weeks brings.

‘Bones’ airs Thurs., 8PM ET on Fox.

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Bones Season 5 Episode 22 ‘The Beginning in the End’ Recap

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Take a few deep breaths. There. I’ll reassure you right now: All series regulars are returning next season. Better?

But one thing is certain: Everything is indeed changing. And based on how the season finale ended, it looks like when the characters reunite and resume their investigations next season, they may not be the exact same characters.

A lot can happen in a year, no?

Forget the case of the week and Angela’s father story line, what we really need to discuss is what may happen to the team next season now that Angela, Hodgins, Booth and Brennan will not be at the Jeffersonian for 12 months!

As soon as I heard Booth and Brennan first confirm that they would be gone for 12 months and then heard Hodgins propose to Angela that they too go away, I expected a time jump to happen between this episode and next season’s premiere. Since I’m always on the lookout for spoilers, I’ve found the confirmation that it would indeed be the case.

Time jump or no time jump, it’s clear that the show’s Powers That Be want to shake things up. For sure, all characters will have changed in these12 months. Here are a few possibilities I think could happen:

– Cam moved in with her gynecologist boyfriend.
– Cam, Sweets, Caroline and various squints of the weeks had to work with a new FBI agent to solve crimes. Maybe Agent Perotta?
– Booth didn’t listen to Brennan’s request and he played hero. Maybe he got a bit injured, but nothing that will prevent him from returning to the FBI.
– Brennan met a lovely male anthropologist that rocked her socks off and brings him back to the Jeffersonian.
– Angela and Hodgins now have a new born baby.
– Daisy returns, ready to resume her relationship with Sweets but he moved on.

I’m excited at this possibility of change. Yes, I love the series as it is right now. However, having the team broken up and experiencing different things will offer new dynamics and different story lines next season. After all, the series will enter its sixth season, so it’s time to shake things up a bit character-wise.

Overall, this was not my favorite season finale. The case of the week was interesting but not that engaging. Since we didn’t hear anything in the past weeks about cast members not returning next season, the Hodgins, Angela, Booth and Brennan going away twist wasn’t that dramatic as it was a given they would all be back eventually. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the finale and the possibilities that it is offering.

Are you fine with the team being broken up for a year? How do you think each character will be changed once the year is up and they reunite? Where do you think each will be? Share your theories and two cents below.

Now we have to wait about four months before knowing for sure that our team will be intact and to see how the time away will have changed them.

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Bones Season 5 Episode 16 ‘The Parts in the Sum of the Whole’ Recap

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Thanks to the mistake Sweets made in his book, we were treated to a flashback with backstory for our favorite squints and co., including Zack, as well as finally getting to see Booth and Brennan’s first case. Of course, these reveals were all overshadowed by the real question of the week: Do Booth and Brennan really truly love each other?

How interesting was it to see Brennan and Booth’s first encounter and see how they worked together on that very first case. The flashbacks scenes showed us how Brennan and Booth were six years ago and it helped highlight how much they have changed since then.

Booth went from “a young and rebellious FBI agent,” as FOX describes him in their official episode description, who had a gambling problem to a more grounded and ex-gambler agent. As for Brennan, she grew a human bone over the years.

I always thought Booth and Brennan’s first encounter was supposed to have been terrible so I never expected them to kiss under the rain and then almost hook up in the past! WTF? is what I said to my TV when I watched the episode, especially since Brennan and Booth didn’t understand each other back then as much as they do now. No matter my reaction, this showed that right from the start, the duo was more than just colleagues.

Back in the present, Sweets pushes Brennan and Booth to make a decision about their relationship. Booth is ready to gamble and take a chance on love. Brennan is not that inclined saying that he needs to be protected from her and that she can’t change. I would have loved to see them hook up in the present as it would have offered the show a new storyline to explore.

However, I understand why the writers decided to have them remain colleagues and friends as the sexual tension will remain and viewers will come back in the hope to see if the duo will eventually take the leap. For sure, both of them, especially Booth since he told Brennan he wanted to find someone who would love him, will resume dating. What’s your take on the relationship? Are you happy with the decision of having Brennan and Booth go their separate ways romantically?

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Bones Season 5 Episode 15 ‘The Bones on a Blue Line’ Recap

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After weeks of reruns, the series finally returns with a bang! Sweets’ life is turned upside down by a dramatic event while a Japanese reporter follows Brennan and Booth around in order to get gossip on the people who inspired Brennan’s latest book. Oh, and there’s steamy page 187 of the book, too!


Where is Gordon when you need him? Poor Sweets sure would have needed Gordon this week in order to cope with post traumatic stress. The tragedy made Sweets rethink his whole life since he didn’t want to die without living the life he wanted to live.

Even if I knew that Sweets was not going to be leaving the show, I found myself being a tiny bit scared for a while, thinking that Sweets may decide to quit his job and travel the world to live life to the fullest. I’ve grown attached to Sweets since he was first introduced, and I hoped that he wouldn’t sail away just yet. I should have known better, eh?

Luckily for us and the team, Sweets is staying put. However, he made a life-changing decision: he proposed to Daisy. Daisy being, well, Daisy, it will surely be quite entertaining to see the couple plan their wedding, get married, and live happily ever after. Having Sweets and Daisy get engaged means that we may see more of Daisy down the line, which is totally fine by me as I’ve been enjoying Daisy’s uniqueness. It will also allow us to get to know Sweets a bit more.

The Book

I would love to be able to buy Brennan’s spine-tingling second book and read page 187 with my own eyes! The scenes with the Japanese reporter asking questions about the book’s characters and making connections between the book and real life were fantastic, especially for those of us who watch ‘Bones’ for the characters, not the cases of the week.

In the book, Angela is named Amanda, Booth is Agent Andy, and Brennan is Doctor Kathy Reichs. The latter is a nod to Temperance Brennan’s creator, writer Kathy Reichs. It was fun to hear a few things about these book characters, such as the fact that Agent Andy and Doctor Reichs are more than friends … you know what I mean, eh? This pairing is what most ‘Bones’ fans want: to see Booth and Brennan become a couple.

How funny was it to have Hodgins gloat over the fact that his “move” was described in the book’s steamy love scene?! The best out of this page 187 ordeal is that Hodgins and Angela bonded, which may foreshadow them eventually coming back together.

The relationship between Booth and Brennan is the core of the show. But this week, we were also reminded how strong a duo Brennan and Angela are. Without Angela, Brennan wouldn’t have become a tad more human when emotions are concerned. If it’s weren’t for Angela, Brennan’s books would surely not sell as well since they would be too technical and not have enough character development.

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