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Daisy Will Return on ‘Bones’

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After watching the fifth season finale of
, many fans were inclined to believe that Carla Gallo is officially done with the show considering her character Daisy already broke up with Sweets. Moreover, she’s been cast to star in a Fox comedy pilot from Ben Stiller’s production shingle that revolves around group of lackluster CIA operatives at a covert South American outpost. But that’s not the case, according Gallo, who tells Entertainment Weekly‘s Michael Ausiello that Bones fans have not seen the last of Daisy.

“I will be back on Bones because the pilot I shot [Fox’s The Station] did not get picked up,” Gallo explains. “[The producers] told me they would find a place for me.”

Still, don’t expect a sweet reunion between Daisy and Sweets, who both decided not to wait for each other as Daisy heads to Indonesia with Brennan.  

“My hope is that Dr. Sweets, my Lancelot, doesn’t totally punish me for having left for a year and that he hasn’t moved on,” says Gallo. “I am so worried that we will not be a couple anymore, [but] I think it would be totally justified for him to be mad or consider it over. Basically his fiancee said, ‘Peace out. See you in a year. My career is more important than our relationship.’ So I could understand the resentment. In real life, I would certainly be upset if someone did that to me. So I am so nervous. I don’t want him to move on. I love them together. They are great for each other. I think what will happen is that I will come back and be like, ‘We can be together now.’ And he’ll be like, ‘Uh, no. You crushed my heart, and this is who I met over the summer. Actually who I did over the summer.'”

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