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Bones Season 5 Episode 16 ‘The Parts in the Sum of the Whole’ Recap

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Thanks to the mistake Sweets made in his book, we were treated to a flashback with backstory for our favorite squints and co., including Zack, as well as finally getting to see Booth and Brennan’s first case. Of course, these reveals were all overshadowed by the real question of the week: Do Booth and Brennan really truly love each other?

How interesting was it to see Brennan and Booth’s first encounter and see how they worked together on that very first case. The flashbacks scenes showed us how Brennan and Booth were six years ago and it helped highlight how much they have changed since then.

Booth went from “a young and rebellious FBI agent,” as FOX describes him in their official episode description, who had a gambling problem to a more grounded and ex-gambler agent. As for Brennan, she grew a human bone over the years.

I always thought Booth and Brennan’s first encounter was supposed to have been terrible so I never expected them to kiss under the rain and then almost hook up in the past! WTF? is what I said to my TV when I watched the episode, especially since Brennan and Booth didn’t understand each other back then as much as they do now. No matter my reaction, this showed that right from the start, the duo was more than just colleagues.

Back in the present, Sweets pushes Brennan and Booth to make a decision about their relationship. Booth is ready to gamble and take a chance on love. Brennan is not that inclined saying that he needs to be protected from her and that she can’t change. I would have loved to see them hook up in the present as it would have offered the show a new storyline to explore.

However, I understand why the writers decided to have them remain colleagues and friends as the sexual tension will remain and viewers will come back in the hope to see if the duo will eventually take the leap. For sure, both of them, especially Booth since he told Brennan he wanted to find someone who would love him, will resume dating. What’s your take on the relationship? Are you happy with the decision of having Brennan and Booth go their separate ways romantically?

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Bones – Have Booth & Brennan Already Hooked Up?

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For nearly five years, “Bones” fans have been wondering if and when Booth and Brennan will finally hook up.

But in light of creator Hart Hanson’s recent comments to KTV that the upcoming 100th episode “changes everything” and places “everything in a context,” we got to thinking …

What if the upcoming 100th episode flashback reveals that Booth and Brennan have already hooked up? Like, during their first case, a year before the pilot. Have we been asking the wrong questions about this pair all along?

“Well, you can never ask enough questions,” Hart assured us when we posed this theory.

And then, as you’ll see in the clip below, he fidgeted for a few seconds while deciding what to say next.

“You’re asking me in the most blatant way anyone’s asked, so I don’t have a prepared answer,” he shared. “This is what I would say to you: I think you should watch the episode and then ask me that question.”

While we were slightly worried that this means the episode itself will be vague on what happened between Booth and Brennan all those years ago, Hart assured us that isn’t the case.

“The 100th episode is not vague, there’s no ambiguity to it,” he promised. “What happened, happened. I’m not saying what [you think] happened, happened. I’m saying what happens in the show happened. If the fans are shrieking at me after this, well, then I just deserve it.”

So the expectation is there will be shrieking after the episode?

“The goal is not shrieking,” he said. “The goal is–no, I’m not going to tell you what the goal is… Really what I should say is just wait and watch. Just wait and watch, and then we can discuss it.”

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