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‘Bones’ Digs Up Gravedigger Storyline

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Back in season 2, a super badass villain was introduced in the form of The Gravedigger, who abducted people, buried them alive and then demanded ransom to reveal their location so they could be saved before they die of suffocation. The case hit close to home as The Gravedigger took Brennan and Hodgins and buried them alive. Bones
eventually revisited this storyline in the fourth season in which the Gravedigger was revealed to be Assistant US Attorney Heather Taffet, who kidnapped Booth and left him for dead. And since then, Bones fans have been begging for justice to be served.

Fortunately, series creator Hart Hanson has teased at Comic-Con that season 5 would feature a trial for the Gravedigger and will reveal the contents of the letter Brennan wrote when she thought she was about to die. But since the FOX procedural drama is now prepping for the final stretch of the season, will there still be room for the Gravedigger case?

“We’re exploring that [episode] idea because the Gravedigger, as the fans know, was set free,” executive producer Stephen Nathan tells “And we’re thinking there might be an attempt at trying to bring her to justice. To get rid of her once and for all. Whether that will be successful or not, we’re not sure.”

As for the letter, most fans assume it was written to Booth. However, Nathan was very coy on the subject.

“We’re asking Brennan if we can see the letter, but she’s not forthcoming,” he joked. “Brennan won’t tell us anything about it. We keep asking her. We even asked Emily [Deschanel, who plays Brennan] to ask her. We keep begging her for the answer. I don’t know if she’s telling us the truth or not.”

At least, there’s comfort in knowing that the Gravedigger is not a subject producers have forgotten about.

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Freddy Krueger Brings Nightmare on ‘Bones’

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For more than two decades, Freddy Krueger has terrorized children and teenagers by stalking them in their dreams with his burned, disfigured face and razor gloved arms. Soon, however, he’ll be bringing horror on Bones.

According to TV Guide Magazine, Bones has enlisted Robert Englund, the 62-year-old actor who has played the infamous villain a dozen times since the original 1984 Nightmare on Elm Street movie, to grace a slasher-themed episode of the FOX crime procedural series set to air this spring.

In the said Bones episode, Englund is set to play a creepy custodian at Brennan’s old high school. The plot features Brennan planning to skip her high school reunion until a murder sends her and Booth to the scene to investigate.

TV Guide also reports that cast member Emily Deschanel even supplied the show with an actual photo of her taken during her high school years. “They wanted one of me not smiling, so they’re going to doctor it a bit,” says the actress.

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